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Why I Created Blurbs in Bloom to Showcase Sweet-to-Sensual Mainstream Romance Blurbs

I created Blurbs in Bloom blog to showcase sweet-to-sensual mainstream romance blurbs. The reason I did so was because of the relationship-based love stories I write. They are not at the level of heat intensity as many other novels. I worried about my romances not getting a second glance. So, I thought that I was probably not the only author to encounter that scenario. Lo and behold, an idea popped into my head.

Then, I struggled with naming my new blog. I can't tell you any of the names I considered. That's just how irrelevant they obviously were at the time. Blurbs in Bloom sprang to my mind as I worked in my flower garden. Blurbs are just a bud to entice and whet your appetite for the entire story (bloom).

I think I hit upon a winner! Just browse the eclectic collection of blurbs blooming in my garden. I believe the wonderful contributors are testimony to the need for Blurbs in Bloom.

I want visitors to feel relaxed when they stop in to surf. That's why the submission guidelines specify the blurbs considered are from sweet-to-sensual mainstream romances.

The novels I create are sweet with a little spice to them. I want to give your heart a good workout. I'm positive you have a great imagination. When was the last time you used it?

Well, you get that opportunity when you enjoy my novels. You just have to click the covers to sample and purchase my love stories.

Blurbs in Bloom is where I compile sweet-to-sensual mainstream romance blurbs for your viewing pleasure.

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