Sunday, March 3, 2019

Mardi Gras Magic

Weekenders Romance Watch

A single day could mean the start of something new. . .

Author: Mickie Sherwood
Genre: AA Romance Novella
Price: $0.99 New Release/$0.00 Kindle Unlimited
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Stood Up – What do you do when you’re jilted by your fiancĂ©?
Stand Up – How supportive are you of your best friend’s treachery?
Step Up – When is it time to move forward?

Sienna Gaudet’s determined not to let her ex ruin a good time.
Kirk Ratcliff secretly yearns for a chance with his best friend’s ex.

Why would either succeed?

Mardi Gras Magic

Enchanting Excerpt:
Crowds jammed the streets of the French Quarter. Sienna looked over the jubilant masses from her balcony. Capturing the early morning excitement digitally wasn’t the same as a live-eye view, but the videos would open up a never seen world to some who visited her online magazine. She smiled as she swung to re-enter her suite, stopping short at the feeling of being watched.

Unconsciously, she pulled the silky robe tighter around her curvy figure.

“Of course, everyone’s watching everyone else. Why should I be exempt?”

Still, she couldn’t shake the sensation. Using the zoom lens allowed her to search toward the unnerving vibe. She panned the camera slowly, suddenly reversing for a doubletake. Sienna zoomed in. “Oh, jeez.”

There he stood. Down the way and across the street on an adjacent balcony. Coffee mug in hand, half-lathered face, and a snowy towel draped over his shoulder. “Just what I need.” She snapped a shot anyway.

Sienna lowered her camera. The idea he remained focused on her with no evidence of remorse irked her. He took a drink. Then, he had the nerve to salute with his cup. A salute he cut short at the appearance of the pretty young thing at his side.

“Hmph.” She dismissed him by simply going into the room.

How does Sienna Gaudet extinguish an old flame?

With Kirk Ratcliff, her new spark!