Friday, August 19, 2016

The Lady Is a Mayor

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The Lady Is a Mayor
Author: Fran Thomas
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Protesters, clashing viewpoints, economic crisis. No, not the presidential campaign. Here's a lighter look at political goings on in a sort-of fictional small town. When the mayor of Calusa flees town in the middle of the night, Geneva Price finds herself in charge and trying to hold it all together. Seth Connor, a swoon-worthy hotel developer (with good hair), might be the answer to her prayers, in more ways than one. But first she has to arrange a truce between the ecologists and the economists. Just a typical day in Florida.

Enchanting Excerpt:
Geneva rose and beckoned to Seth.

“We have a special guest this morning. I’d like to introduce Seth Connor who has an exciting idea to tell us about.”

Seth’s hazel eyes scanned the room until the latest round of whispers had subsided.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he began. “How would you like to see a stylish new hotel in Calusa?”

General pandemonium struck.

“We don’t need a new hotel.”

“That would give my grandkids a place to stay besides with me when they come to visit.”

“You’ll destroy the peace and quiet.”

“It’s too peaceful here anyway.”

“Now we’ll never get the bike path finished.”

Geneva searched the table for something to bang to regain control. Patsy passed a gavel over her shoulder. “Here, try this.”

Geneva tapped softly at first, then with increasing vigor until people took notice and their seats once more. Meanwhile, Seth looked mystified at the outburst.

“Let’s hear the man out before we start to debate,” Geneva said, briskly nodding to Seth to continue.

“My company, Connor Development, plans to build a five story hotel of more than one hundred thousand square feet.”

Additional pandemonium ensued only slightly less vociferous than before.

“Where do you plan to put a building that size, young feller?”

“This town is no place for a blasted skyscraper.”

“Civilization was bound to catch up with us sooner or later.”

“All those tourists’ll bring a lot of cash to town.”

“All those tourists’ll need recreation like a bike path’d give ‘em.”

Geneva banged her gavel again. By the time Seth finished his presentation fifteen minutes later, he’d been interrupted two more times. After he gathered his papers and sat down, Geneva looked at her fellow council members.

“Anything else we need to discuss this morning?”

“I’m all discussed out,” Lou said. “I move we adjourn until nine tomorrow morning for a closed session to review Seth’s proposal.”

“I second,” Doc said.

“Meeting adjourned,” Geneva said with one last tap of her gavel.