Friday, September 11, 2015

A Rancher's Woman

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A Rancher's Woman
Author: E. Ayers
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Coddled and protected from the harsh realities of life, Malene runs away from a bad marriage by posing as a chaperone to her younger sister. A series of events soon prove she's capable of standing on her own two feet. However, she's not prepared to follow her heart and accept marriage from the one man who truly loves her.

Enchanting Excerpt:
Mark jumped inside the moving carriage. Angelina screamed, which set off Clara and Sophia.

"This is the welcome I get?" Before Malene could open her mouth, Mark covered hers with his. Her fingers clawed at his shoulders as she took his breath. He whispered in her ear, "I have missed you, my beautiful woman of the sun."

Brownie snarled, and Mark held his hand for the dog to sniff. "It is good, my furry friend. No one else gets to do this to Malene. You understand that?"

The dog settled down as if he used to Mark to being there, but little Clara was curled into a tearful ball in Angelina's lap, and Sophia wailed.

He picked the toddler up and cuddled her in his arm. "Have you forgotten me?" He ran his finger over the child's cheek and over her bright reddish curls. "I brought you into this world, my darling. Your memory is too short."

Sophia looked up at him. Her tear-filled expression turned to a grin. His heart swelled. He had his child and his woman. His gaze turned to the pretty woman traveling with Malene. "You must be Angel-enna."

Malene giggled. "An-gel-le-na."

He rolled his hands palms up and repeated the name.

"Yes." The woman nodded as she spoke.

"Pleased to meet you." He reached over and tickled Clara, but the child screamed at his touch.

Malene pulled Clara into her lap. "This is Mark. He is different, but that is no reason to fear him."

Mark took the little girl's hand in his. "Yes, I am different because I am Apsáalooke, or of the Crow tribe. I am a man. My skin is darker than yours, but it is only skin."

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