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Whispers in the Dark

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Whispers in the Dark
Author: Kris Bock
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Kylie Hafford craves adventure when she heads to the remote Puebloan ruins of Lost Valley, Colorado, to excavate. Romance isn’t in her plans, but she soon meets two sexy men: Danesh looks like a warrior from the Pueblo’s ancient past, and Sean is a charming, playful tourist. The summer heats up as Kylie uncovers mysteries, secrets, and terrors in the night. She’ll need all her strength and wits to survive—and to save the man she’s come to love.

Enchanting Excerpt:
“Don’t you read signs?”

I blinked at the apparition. “Uh....”

He gestured back at the main path. “The signs at every turn saying ‘Stay on the path’? The notice at the entrance telling you to leave artifacts alone? I could have you arrested and fined.”

Oh. I felt color flooding my cheeks. My pounding heart refused to slow yet, and the rush of adrenaline turned my arms and legs to jelly, but I rose steadily enough. I tried to ignore the heat in my face and the queasy feeling of panic in my stomach, which hadn’t yet accepted the message that I wasn’t in danger. “I’m Kylie Hafford,” I said coolly. “The archaeologist. Are you Danesh?”

I saw a satisfying flash of surprise and then guilt. Or maybe I had just imagined it, as his face settled immediately into a neutral mask. “Yes, I’m Danesh.” He hesitated before adding stiffly, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure’s all mine.”

He must have caught my irony, because he almost smiled—I think. He said, “I’m sorry I startled you. I wasn’t expecting you yet, and....” He shrugged. “I’ve been noticing scuff marks in the ground, off the trail where tourists aren’t supposed to go. I figured someone was poking around, maybe looking for treasure.”

“And you assumed I was your treasure hunter?”

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  1. I liked your excerpt. archeology is fascinating all by itself, but add a love interest in the story and you have my attention. I seldom see stories written in first person. Do you find it difficult to portray the other characters' feelings and reactions without using their POV? Do have any advice for others who write in first person?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I'm interested in those answers, too.
    Great questions.


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. I always like to write in close point of view, because I think it's a powerful technique and contributes to showing rather than telling. For me, first and third POV aren't that different when you stay close. I know some readers don't like first person POV, perhaps because it can be hard being in one person's head for so long, but as long as you like the character, I think it can work. I like to think that the reader can become the character for the course of the story.

    I have a few posts on POV on my writing blog:

    (I write as both Chris Eboch – children's books – and Kris Bock – romantic adventures. Looks like I'm posting this as Chris Eboch since it needs an "authentic" sign in.)


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