Saturday, March 28, 2015

Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not
Author: Karen Cogan
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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School secretary, Miranda Wilkins is thrilled when Paul Green walks into her life. The handsome gym coach is everything she wants in a man--except for one problem. He's stopped trusting in a loving God.

As she attempts to persuade Paul to trust, her own faith is tested. Her mother is gradually becoming mentally and physically incapacitated by a mysterious illness, and her father and sister are suffering from a strain that threatens to tear the family apart.

Will Miranda have the strength to be a witness to Paul, or will her tribulations and his anger at God cause him to drift from her?

Enchanting Excerpt:
     At three o'clock, she walked the children outside. Just as she rounded the corner of the building, she walked headlong into a broad chest. She drew back quickly and looked up into the deep blue eyes of Paul Green.

     "Oh, I'm sorry. I should have watched where I was going," she gasped.

     He steadied her briefly and then let go. "Miranda, right?" He smiled down.


     His smile penetrated her heart, making her feel warm.

     "You must be a woman of many talents. I thought you were the school secretary. Now it seems you're a teacher, too." He nodded at the children scattering toward the sidewalk.

     "I'm filling in for the afternoon. Everybody has the flu and we can't get enough subs."

     "I know. It's taking a toll at the high school, too."

     "Hopefully, the worst will be over soon. The attendance clerk was out today, and when I left to sub, Mrs. Walters was alone in the office."

     Paul grinned." When I signed in, she was holding the phone with one hand and signing a note with the other."

     "I guess I better get back and give her some relief."

     "Take care of yourself. Anyone who does the job of two people is too important to get sick."

     "I'll tell that to Mrs. Walters."

     "Tell her I said so."

     She flashed a parting smile and headed to the office.  Her shoulders tingled where he had steadied her with his firm grip and she felt a shiver begin up her spine at the memory of his touch. His hands were warm and gentle, strong and masculine.