Friday, February 27, 2015

Mickie Sherwood's WIP - Templet's Tasty Tails

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First meet between Erika Washington and Booker Templet (pronounced Tom-play).

Templet's Tasty Tails
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Author: Mickie Sherwood
Genre: Mainstream Romance


Setting: Bayou Country


"Miss Washington." The voice had that down-home, Southern drawl.

She stopped to hunt faces. Maybe, she neglected to speak to someone she knew. Next, she thought, I don't know anyone whose voice conjures up such intrigue.

"Over here."

Drifting back a step, she searched the shady areas of the courtyard. Instantly, Erika spotted the speaker. She laughed. The American flag was emblazoned across the chest of a mysterious man in a black tee. He had that Gerard Butler-looking thing going on, and watched her from behind his dark glasses.

"Mr. Templet?"


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Mickie Sherwood
~~Sweet, spicy romance – a heartbeat away! ~~

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

With Love

Weekenders Romance Watch

With Love
Author: Lynette Sofras
Genre: Mainstream Romance
Buy: Amazon

What better way to spend a cold winter's afternoon than by curling up with a cosy romance? Curling up with three heart-warming romances, of course!

The three contemporary romances in this limited edition boxed set are:

A disaffected hospital doctor mistakes a wealthy businessman for a gardener and an unlikely love blossoms. But she has a past she wants to forget and he lives by strong principles of truth which drive them on separate, painful journeys of self-discovery.

A struggling single mother and a pop-icon turned Hollywood star meet in unusual circumstances. Fate drew them together but the intrigue and trappings of stardom threaten to unravel love's ties.

They shop for others out of kindness and naturally fall in love; but he is still raw from his painful divorce and she is his children's teacher. Add to the mix a spiteful ex-wife and scheming ex-boyfriend and love may have too high a price tag.



Saturday, February 7, 2015

♥Valentine's♥ Promo OPP @BlurbsinBloom

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Help me blitz Valentine's Holiday Season. I don't have one to share. But, maybe, you do.
Mainstream Romance
Valentine's themed
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Cover - 200 x 300
Must be available for sale
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