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Highland Miracle

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Highland Miracle
Author: Leanne Burroughs
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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While the Scottish War for Independence rages, a young Laird heads to the Scottish-English border to avenge his father’s murder. The time for retribution has arrived. Rage tightly controlled, Grant Drummond presses forward toward the Norman-style manor to take its inhabitants by surprise.

Victoria Blackstone tensed with a sense of foreboding. Her stomach knotted as she surveyed the men surrounding her. Instinct warned her to escape. Her movements gave Grant pause. As his grey eyes surveyed the woman fate just delivered into his hands, he smiled—first time since hearing the terrible news about his father’s death.

Enchanting Excerpt:
“What will you do with her, Grant?”

A chill washed over Victoria.

Looking into her soft brown eyes, Grant saw an attempt at bravado. The top of her head didn’t even reach his chin. A look of defiance blazed from the depths of her eyes and he almost laughed. Most men were afraid of him, so she certainly should be. She should be quaking in her borrowed boots. After all, he held her life in his hands. He instilled fear in men much larger and braver than this wee wisp of a girl.

Leave her. That’s what he’d do.

He hadn’t come to take prisoners. He’d traveled to Berwick to kill Blackstone, and that he’d done—with his own sword. He didn’t need to kill everyone as the detestable English had done at the massacre that left thousands dead. Those were their filthy tactics, not his.

How could he have mistaken her for a lad, even if only momentarily? From what he could see beneath the soot, he imagined her quite pretty. She returned his glare insolently, yet her breaths came heavy with fear. She drew her tongue between her parched lips.

The effect on him proved immediate. “Fetch her,” he shot over his shoulder as he walked away. The young woman stared in mute horror, as if not believing she’d correctly heard his words.

“Nay!” Her eyes grew wide with terror.

Grant heard the desperation in her voice.
“Grant?” Alexander queried.

“Fetch her.” Grant didn’t look back or spare the woman in question a second glance. He struggled not to break into a grin. Failing, a hint of a smile eased up the corners of his lips as he walked away and found his mount.

‘Twas the first time he’d smiled since hearing the terrible news about his father.

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