Friday, December 19, 2014

Exposed Practices

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Exposed Practices
Love Unexpected Series
Author: Arneda Everett
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Gidget Keegan is a frazzled mess whose stress has been skyrocketing for months. Advised by her doctor, Gidget seek professional help from the attractive Dr. Cortland Lord. Gidget begins to have secret erotic sessions with the gorgeous doctor. However appearances are everything in Gidget’s line of work. Will her getting help cause unforeseen detrimental consequences.

Enchanting Excerpt:
Gidget was starting to lose her mind. She could only imagine how sexy he looked. Her mind filled with images of a tall mysterious creature.

“I was referred by your friend Adrian Clint. She said that you might have time to help me with things. Do you have an appointment available? I know you are quite the busy lady.” As Cortland had continued to talk, Gidget heard a trace of an accent. Where was it from? Oh my, she thought to herself, please not from Great Britain. Gidget knew that she had a weakness for the British accent. This only fueled her fantasies more.

Gidget, trying to remain calm, took a deep breath and answered him. “Yes, I do have time.  You’re in luck. In fact an opening just came up. I’m free.” She paused for a moment, fighting back her nerves, then continued. “In about, mmm, let’s say an hour. Will that work for you, Mr. Lord?”

What if he said no? Please, Keegan, she scolded herself internally. It’s not like you asked him to be yours for the rest of your life. Gidget sat back, stunned at her last thought. Why did her brain go there? She hadn’t even seen this guy.



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