Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blue December

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Blue December
Author: Karen McCullough
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Two weeks before Christmas Meg Brandt, a department manager at Wambash’s department store, has problems beyond the usual seasonal chaos. Her department is losing cash from the registers and inventory from the premises. Security is focusing on her, since the losses are happening on her watch. Her efforts to resolve the disappearances have produced no results, and her career appears to be headed for oblivion. When the store’s new security officer starts showing unusual attention to her, Meg isn’t sure what to think. She’s attracted to him, but she can’t be sure if his interest is personal or professional.

Enchanting Excerpt:
Meg was so focused on the angry woman, wondering how she was going to both soothe and get rid of her that she actually jumped when a male voice behind her asked, "Is something wrong?"

She whirled to face the newcomer, a virtual stranger who, nevertheless, acted as though he belonged there. No, not a stranger. Meg remembered that he'd been introduced at the last staff meeting as the new assistant to the head of security. At the time she'd been torn between wondering why the head of security suddenly needed an assistant and watching the reaction of the female clerks to the new employee, so she hadn't actually paid much attention to him. Anyway that had been almost a week ago and the pre-holiday chaos had occupied most of her waking (and some of her sleeping) moments since.

She avoided making an introduction -- she couldn't remember the man's name -- and explained the situation to him. He had cool hazel-green eyes which melted into warmth and fiery charm, directed toward the angry woman with all the deliberate aim of an archer. Within minutes he was guiding the woman toward the customer service desk so she could lodge a formal complaint. Meg breathed a sigh of relief as they left. When the man turned to glance at her briefly as they rounded the corner to the main aisle, she offered him a grateful smile. The look he gave in return held no hint of warmth or charm. It wasn't unfriendly either. She searched her mind for a description. Unreadable. Inscrutable -- that was the word she wanted.


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