Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lost... Found

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Love... Found


Author: Arneda Everett
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Evie Prince is fed up and decides to take her life back.   On her journey to launch her own business Lost… Found she meets Liam Caine and instantly falls for him.  Evie's warned to stay away from the alluring Liam but decides to ignore it. But will Evie find out that her decision was unwise?

Liam Caine is back in California after being in Europe for over a decade. Unpleasant circumstances have called him home. Liam crosses paths with the bewitching Evie. Their destinies become intertwined.  But will the dangerous threat looming from Liam's past destroy them?

Enchanting Excerpt:

He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back. The two of them stood there lost in time, kissing. Dangerous intensity grew with every second that passed as they continued to kiss.

She wanted more. She pressed her body into his. She knew what she was asking for even though she knew that it was risqué. They were in a public place. Yes the spot was secluded but still public nonetheless. What had gotten into her? Evie for a moment sat back from the intoxicating kiss. She looked at Liam. She could see it deep inside his blue-green colored eyes. He wanted what she wanted just as much.

So she said to herself, "What the hell, why not!" She scanned their surroundings. Next to where they stood Evie spotted a section of the building that was being renovated. As if reading her mind, Liam took Evie and led her behind the plastic tarp. The tarp provided even more seclusion, blocking the area from view. Once behind it Evie saw a beautiful sitting area with white marble benches in a shape of a circle. In the center of the massive circle was a white fountain which was still under construction.

But the two were able to find a bench deep inside the construction area that had already been completed. And since the construction crew had gone home for the day, they knew that they had found the perfect spot for what they wanted to do.

Liam sat down on the bench and placed his hands on Evie's waist. Standing in front of Liam, Evie bent her head down and kissed him placing her hands on the sides of his face. This time when their lips connected, they both kissed the other with an all consuming passion.

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