Saturday, August 9, 2014

One for Kami

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One for Kami
Author: Charlene A. Wilson
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Kami is faced with a heartbreaking truth; instead of a member of the poor lower class who are allowed only one spouse, she finds the love of her life is elite and bound by law to wed three wives to do his part to eliminate the poverty-stricken condition of their world. Why can’t he be poor like she thought he was when she fell in love with him?

Desperate to find a realm that doesn’t have such dictates, she travels to dimension Three-Two-Three. But is love truer in a place that allows only one spouse than it is in Ian’s heart?

Enchanting Excerpt: 
Kami's blouse bunched up her back as she slid down the wide oak's trunk. She cringed as aged bark grazed her skin and snagged her hair until her bottom hit the ground. She folded her knees to her chest, buried her face in her arms, and welcomed the sharp pangs. Hurting Ian pained her more than anything she'd done in her life.

Autumn leaves crunched as he paced the woodland's small clearing. Each stride matched two beats of her heart and crushed the sweet memories of their grove. Dust scented the air as he shuffled through a turn.

"Why are you just now telling me this?" His breath hitched, and he cleared his throat.

Words wouldn't form as Kami lifted her gaze.

His hazel eyes shifted to the shadows of the young birch trees as he set his hands at his waist. A cloud of insects drifted through the pale trunks. Soft hums filled the air as they paused.

He ran his hand across his jaw and looked back at her. "You know I love you, Kami."

Tears seeped beneath her lids, and she blinked to relieve the burn. "I need to be the only one, Ian. I can't know you might love someone else more than me when you choose another wife."

She stared at the thick roots that surrounded her and then traced the curve of one nearby with her fingertip. They wove into the caramel-colored ground, creating a perfect lounge for two lovers in an embrace. How many times had they sat there and shared their secrets, their love? How many times had he told her she was the one? She cursed the fact that she had been gullible enough to believe it could be true.


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