Saturday, May 3, 2014

Strange Inheritance

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Strange Inheritance
Author: Serena Fairfax
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Little does Gemma know that the identity of the enigmatic mystery man who rescues her in a hurricane will only be revealed in very different circumstances after her desperate dash to her ailing uncle’s bedside. Her life changes dramatically when she constantly clashes with wealthy Stefan who plays a pivotal part in her future. 

In the twists and turns, her heart proves less simple to manage than her new business venture. The English countryside of Northumberland with its castles and rivers sets the scene for the unexpected events which lead to her ultimate happiness.

Enchanting Excerpt:

Gemma’s slim frame tensed over the Honda motorbike as it jolted through the stormy January night. Behind her visor the dark violet of her eyes dilated involuntarily as lightning streaked across the sky to focus on the signpost - Fenwick 4 miles. Her stomach tightened with fear as she swung onto the narrow loop road. The bike’s wheels hissed along the wet surface; a flurry of hailstones bounced off the crash helmet that hid her chestnut curls. Storms and disaster seemed inextricably ever since those seven years ago, just after she’d turned eighteen, when just such a storm orphaned her when the parents small rowing boat capsized on Lake Windermere. Then the devastation of loss was softened by Uncle Arthur’s gruff but kindly support. Who would have guessed that a crusty bachelor, founder of a salmon canning business was capable of such unobtrusive help? Now Uncle was fighting for his life in the intensive care unit of the infirmary. She accelerated and let rip. It was a race against time - mercifully masking the all too scary thought that, once again, she could be left all alone. As trees creaked ominously, Gemma’s black-gloved hands instinctively hardened their grip on the handlebars. She checked the wing mirror and frowned. That car tailgating her was the same 4x4 she’d seen parked in the lay-by at the crossroads. Her teeth began to cutter under the drenched black leather biking jacket, the dampness seeping through to her T-shirt to her very bones. Suddenly she registered the intermittent on-off, on-off of its white headlights. Darn it, bikes have every right to be on the road. She killed her speed and it followed suit silently, menacingly, signaling with its naked beam as it had done for more than half a mile.


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