Saturday, May 31, 2014

Free Reads—Sweet to Sensual Romances

Good afternoon,

It's either partly cloudy or partly sunny here today, depending on your POV. I choose partly sunny. So, I want to add sunshine in your lives. Want something Free and Sweet to read? I have three such romances on my blog. Read my Azure Blackstone Series right here.

Azure Blackstone Series (Free Reads)

As you know, BlurbsinBloom caters to mainstream sweet-to-sensual romances (nothing higher than 2 Flames).

Here's an invitation.

Readers, have you read a sweet-to-sensual (no higher than 2 Flames) romance that is offered free to read?

 Authors, the same question goes to you too. Or perhaps, you have a free to read of your own fitting the criteria that's posted on your blog.

In the comments, give the following info (and that info only, please) for other readers to enjoy. No covers. This is a "G" rated site.

List the - Free read Title, Author, and Link.

Ex. - Azure Apparition, Mickie Sherwood,

Enjoy the Free reads!

*Note: Please adhere. All comments deemed by me to be non-compliant will be deleted.

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