Friday, May 2, 2014

Cecelia's Second Chance

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Can love survive betrayal?

Author: Sherrylyn A. Liburd
Genre: Mainstream Romance

Despite the status of blacks in the mid-1800s, Cecelia was determined to have a nice house, fine clothes, and the respect of her community. To have those things, money was needed. She would work as hard as she could, and nothing would stand in her way. If deception was needed to get what she wanted, then so be it.

When Cecelia's greed and deceptions causes her husband to be thrown in jail, Cecelia wakes from her fog of self-indulgence. Will God forgive her? Can she find forgiveness from a husband whose passions have turned to hate?

Enchanting Excerpt:

One week later, Cecelia packed her things.
"Celia?" Ruth called, coming into the room Cecelia shared with her daughter, Angel. "What are you doing?"
"I'm packing." Cecelia avoided Ruth's eyes.
"I can see that. Why are you packing?"
As Cecelia pulled Ruth's hands from the pockets of her apron, she sighed. "Come here, and sit down."
She pulled Ruth to the bed and sat next to her. "Ruthie," she said, in a coaxing voice, "there is nothing wrong with what I'm doing. I just decided this was best for me. Now, you can put the baby back in this room, and then you and Sam's room won't be so cramped."
"Tell me what you did, Celia." Ruth's voice held an accusatory tone.
Before Cecelia continued, she hesitated a second. "I'm moving into the Somers' house."
"What?" Ruth exclaimed, jerking her hands from Cecelia's. "You know how Joshua feels about that. When he finds out, he's going to be so angry. And Sam? What am I going to tell Sam?"
Celia pounded her fists in her lap. "Stop it, Ruth. I'm a grown woman and fully capable of making decisions on my own, contrary to what my husband, or yours, believes." Cecelia stood, and then paced the small area. "Captain Somers offered me a higher salary if I'd take on extra duties."
"And that means you have to live with them? Wait." Ruth raised her palms. "Captain Somers offered you the extra money? I thought you worked for Mrs. Somers. Doesn't he leave the staffing of their home to her? Where does he come in?"
"I don't know, Ruthie. I don't care." Celia stopped in front of Ruth. She placed her hands on her hips. "It's more money, and I'm going to take it."
With a helpless expression, Ruth threw up her hands. "Celia, everyone could use more money. God knows Sam and I could. That's one of the reasons, besides you being my best friend, we took you in."
"Oh, Ruthie…"


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  1. Great excerpt and blurb. The books sounds like an interesting read. Good luck with sales.


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