Friday, April 4, 2014

Northern Lights

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Northern Lights
Author: Sharon McGregor
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Maddie Smart is at a crossroads. Her job and her relationship have both suddenly ended. On the advice of a friend she flies to a northern fishing lodge to recoup and plan her next move. Here she meets fishermen who don't fish, a policeman who does, a man who says he's seen Sasquatch and a lodge owner who sets her pulses racing.

She finds herself running headlong into danger with no idea of who she can trust. Maddie must face her deepest fear before she can find answers. She also must learn to trust again before she can find her own happy ending.

Enchanting Excerpt:
The tower wasn’t exactly a skyscraper, but was still well above Maddie’s comfort zone where heights were concerned.

She took a deep breath and started up. The steps were open for the first part of the climb, then became a shallow railed stairway before reaching a ledge surrounding the cabin on top. As she came to the last step—afraid to look down—she held her breath and grabbed for the railing to pull herself up on the ledge.

The cabin had openings on each side, but the interior was dark and she was partially blinded by the sun. She couldn’t see any sign of McMillan.

“Hello,” she called out hesitantly, her breath a little shaky from the climb.

Suddenly a figure leapt out at her from the gloom, shoving her against the railing. The rotting wood gave way under her weight and she went flying over the edge. She screamed. Her worst nightmare—falling to her death—was coming true.



  1. Great read. Roller coaster plot keeps the reader guessing. Interest and engaging characters make this novel a fantastic story. I thoroughly enjoyed it
    Can't wait for the next.

  2. Thanks, Heather
    So glad you enjoyed the story.

  3. This is an awesome read. Loved the outdoor setting and the suspense.

  4. Thanks Vicki. It was a fun story to write. Sometimes you wonder yourself how it's going to turn out.

  5. Wow, what a scary excerpt. Are you afraid of falling, Sharon, or do you have a great imagination? :-)

    1. Sorry Lynn to take so long to answer your comment. I missed it. Yes, I'm afraid of heights. Couldn't even get used to platform shoes. They put me too far from the ground.


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