Friday, January 3, 2014

Gingerbread Wishes

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Gingerbread Wishes
Author: Linda Carroll-Bradd
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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A new life awaits as soon as Tora sells the family-run bakery. All she’s known is Dorado, Texas and she can’t wait to explore new possibilities outside the city limits. But then the chocolate brown gaze of widower Jordan Dawson locks on hers, and she’s suddenly wondering what getting acquainted might be like.

Back in his hometown to open a sporting goods store, Jordan wants to provide his daughter with life in a close-knit community. When the friendly baker sparks his interest, he sets off a campaign to keep her in town. Will Tora give him a chance?


Enchanting Excerpt:

“Hold off a moment. I have to echo what that man said.” Jordan rested a forearm on the counter, his mouth pulled into a tight line. “Dorado without a bakery run by a Hammond woman would not be the town I remember.”

His praise warmed her heart, and she wished Gram could hear his comment. But Tora had a plan and that involved making a big change. “I have confidence the townspeople will survive.”

“People in the big cities survive, but people in small towns know how to live life. They know their neighbors and show them they care.” A finger tapped the donation coffee can and a metallic jingle sounded. “Believe me, I’ve lived in both settings and there’s no comparison. You’re better off here.”

How could he know that? She bit her tongue to keep from arguing with a customer and forced a polite smile. “Well, I can’t wait to experience life in the big city so I can see for myself.”

“Daddy?”Jenna’s voice trembled. “I’m cold.”

The child’s interruption came at the right time. “I’m sure you are, sweetie. I’ll get your hot chocolate right away.” Without another glance at Big City Dawson, she turned to her task. A few minutes later, she approached the round table where they’d situated themselves and couldn’t help but notice he’d draped his coat around his daughter’s thin shoulders.

After placing the mugs on the table, she held out a spoon and whispered to the quiet girl, “Careful, the cocoa’s hot. Better start with the whipped cream.”

Her eyes lit up, her mouth spread in a smile showing off rows of small teeth, and she grabbed her spoon.

For some strange reason, that tiny response thrilled Tora. The child looked like she didn’t smile much. “May I bring pastries or coffee cake?”

Jordan leaned back in the ladderback chair and glanced over his shoulder. “Do you still sell apple fritters? Those were always my favorite.”

“We do. Shall I bring two?” She started to turn but felt his warm fingers on her wrist. Ripples of awareness shot up her arm. When she turned to look, she was captured by his gaze, steady and concerned. Her insides felt as quivery as the middle of a jelly doughnut. What is this? She’d never experienced such an immediate reaction to a man.



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  1. This book is on my list to read. I've read other books by this author and thoroughly enjoyed them. This one will be excellent too.


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