Thursday, June 20, 2013

Transcending Dawn - Volume 1

Tantalizing Thursday

              The Deception
Author: P.A. Whitfield
Genre: Mainstream/Paranormal/Romantic Suspense
Buy: Topaz Publishing,LLC


Dylan drove to the lake and parked near a stretch of beach. Given the time of year, the shore would be deserted. They’d have the solitude they needed to talk unencumbered. For an extended moment, they sat in silence, enjoying the tranquility. It had been a difficult day; the seclusion was a welcomed relief.

The moonlight reflected off the water and provided they only illumination. However, Chrissie could see for miles off the bay. She preferred darkness to sunlight. Once she settled down, she closed her eyes and leaned against the headrest. Serenity washed over her and erased the stress of the last few hours.

Without warning, Dylan disrupted the stillness. “I thought we came here to talk.”

Unnerved by the unexpected interruption, she turned and glared at him. “We did.” Her apprehension soared; she dreaded this unavoidable discussion. Chrissie wanted to solve this conundrum but feared what she might learn.

Dylan must have understood her distress. He reached out and caressed her hand. “We don’t need to talk now if you don’t want to. It’s up to you.”

His smoldering eyes burned as he lifted her chin with his finger. Their faces were inches apart. The touch of his hand sent chills through her body. A tingle ran up her spine. An intoxicating aroma of apple-cinnamon embraced her nostrils. His warm breath encircled her countenance.

Chrissie struggled to clear her mind, as she needed to concentrate on the issue at hand. The task proved mammoth, and Dylan’s allure melted her resistance. Excited by his proximity, she knew she must compose herself. She turned her head to break his mesmerizing gaze. Then, she took a deep breath, and forced herself to speak. “We need to talk.”

Dylan smiled, his playful air returning. “Ask me any question. What do you want to know?” Did he realize her predicament and want to give her a graceful way out?

“I know you’re something other than human.” Chrissie felt a little foolish when she babbled, “But I don’t know what you are.”

He snickered. “That’s not a question; that’s a comment.”

“Frustrated, Chrissie sighed. “You know what I mean, Dylan. What are you?”

Dylan teased, “Hmm. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” He laughed at his own joke.

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