Thursday, June 20, 2013

Transcending Dawn - Volume 1

Tantalizing Thursday

              The Deception
Author: P.A. Whitfield
Genre: Mainstream/Paranormal/Romantic Suspense
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Dylan drove to the lake and parked near a stretch of beach. Given the time of year, the shore would be deserted. They’d have the solitude they needed to talk unencumbered. For an extended moment, they sat in silence, enjoying the tranquility. It had been a difficult day; the seclusion was a welcomed relief.

The moonlight reflected off the water and provided they only illumination. However, Chrissie could see for miles off the bay. She preferred darkness to sunlight. Once she settled down, she closed her eyes and leaned against the headrest. Serenity washed over her and erased the stress of the last few hours.

Without warning, Dylan disrupted the stillness. “I thought we came here to talk.”

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Transcending Dawn - Volume 1

The Deception

P.A. Whitfield

Feisty and hot tempered, the beautiful Christina Garrett has never experienced true love. At the tender age of eighteen, her father initiated her into the vampire world. Transcending Dawn revolves around the relationship between Christina Garrett, a young biracial vampire, and Dylan Duncan, a drachmon warrior.
Personal tragedy has left Chrissie emotionally scarred. Only Dylan, half human and half dragon, successfully penetrates the protective barriers she has constructed. Although they immediately forge a powerful bond, outside forces conspire to destroy their relationship before it begins. Set in Texas, this paranormal romance is filled with action, suspense, and lighthearted humor.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Rules of Engagement

Tantalizing Thursday

               The Rules of Engagement
Author: Jillian Leigh
Genre: Mainstream/Historical/Regency Romance
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(Hugh Trevalyn has just proposed to the beautiful Lucy Meriwether. But now she has decided she must meet his former fiancée…)

“If you love me, you will want to put my mind at ease. You must arrange a meeting.”

“Why, it is quite impossible,” he said, fervently hoping, but not expecting, that she would take him at his word.

“All things are possible when a man desires to make them so,” she whispered, her hands curling around his back and coming to rest lightly on his buttocks. Any exasperation he’d felt now evaporated in a dreamy haze of imagining all the ways he would make love to her if he only had the chance. “Do you desire to make this possible?” she went on in a husky voice. “Do you desire me?”

“God, yes,” he said on a groan.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

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Mickie Sherwood's Like Slow Sweet Molasses - Sweet, spicy romance—a heartbeat away!

“Hmmm?” She moaned miserably.

A rush of air expelled from his lungs.

“Don’t move,” he ordered as she attempted to rise on her own. “Let me check you over.” Carefully examining her limbs, satisfied there were no broken bones, he probed the tender spot near her temple where an angry lump already raised under the smooth skin on her face.

She stirred again, pushing herself to a sitting position and forcing Chance to scoot back. It was a losing battle to remain vertical when gravity yanked her down in an unconscious heap.

Chance let go an exasperated breath and called 911.

Their acquaintance was less than a few hours old. However, if he was any judge of character, her unpredictable nature surfaced on two separate occasions during that time. This was his fault. He’d given her a direct order. What else did he expect a headstrong woman of her caliber to do except disregard the command?


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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Rules of Engagement

Jillian Leigh
Long ago, Hugh Trevalyn invented a fiancée to fend off marriage-minded females. Now he must procure the perfect girl to play the part.

Who better than Amelia Grant, his oldest and dearest friend? She alone might understand—and forgive—his moment of madness upon beholding the beautiful Lucy Meriwether, a moment that resulted in Hugh’s first real proposal of marriage and Lucy’s vow to meet his ex-fiancée in the flesh. However, as the proposed conversation snowballs into an elaborate charade involving Hugh’s rakish cousin, scandal, and inappropriate kisses, as Hugh risks Amelia’s friendship to win Lucy’s hand, a wise reader has to wonder: What exactly are the rules of engagement? And, after the battle, whose heart will be won?