Thursday, April 25, 2013

Affaire de Coeur

Tantalizing Thursday



                Affaire de Coeur
Author: Stephanie O'Hanlon
Genre: Mainstream/Historical Romance
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“Mademoiselle Dumont?”

     I turned to the voice to see a pair of large dark blue eyes, such a dizzying mix of blue and black with light tints of green staring me in the face. Then his defined, angular shaped face came into focus, which had his straight chin sloping back to his jaw. On top of that I was struck silent by his soft, deep voice repeating my name.

     “Madeleine, are you all right?” His dark brown eyebrows arched lightly.


     I shook my head, “Yes, I mean, yes.” I quickly nodded my head. I was bewildered by his stunning eyes, a silky strand of dark brown hair falling into them. I quickly averted his stare to his lips, which were curved at the corners in a smirk. The top lip was thinner than the bottom, almost looking as if he was pursing his lips to stop from laughing.

     His smile only widened slightly, “We have not been introduced. Your good friend Colette seems to be…detained?”

     I looked back towards her as she grabbed a handful of plates and threw them at the wall, Vachel ducking as the porcelain shattered around him. I frowned lightly.

     “Yes. So it seems.”

     He smiled again, “I am the Comte Lucien de Laurent.” He bowed his head lightly, extending his right arm out and pulling the other to his waist, the tips of his large bow and bag holding his hair back poking out.

     As he rose, straightening out his tall, muscular body, I put out my hand nervously, “Madeleine Dumont.”

     He took it gently and kissed the back of it, his eyes keeping a hold of my own. “Yes, I have heard.”

     My face blushed lightly, “Heard of me?” There was no chance that he could have seen me in the background…all these people. I had not seen him…which was interesting. He was extremely handsome, heartbreakingly beautiful, so much so that my mind was struck silent and my body shook.



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