Friday, March 15, 2013

The Beltane Choice

Britain AD 71

The Beltane Choice
Nancy Jardine
Banished from the priestess nemeton, Nara , a Selgovae princess, must choose a suitable mate before Beltane. Lorcan, an enemy Brigante prince, captures her, thwarting her plan. As armies of the Roman Empire march relentlessly northwards, Lorcan uses Nara as a marriage bargain between the Celtic tribes. Nara’s father agrees to an alliance between Selgovae and Brigante, but has impossible stipulations. Lorcan is torn between loyalty to his tribe and love for Nara. When danger and death arrive in the form of the mighty Roman forces, will Nara be able to choose her Beltane lover?
The Beltane Choice


  1. Hello! Thank you promoting my historical novel - Teh beltane Choice- today. I love visiting Blurbs in Bloom.

    1. Hi, Nancy,

      I'm glad you do. I'm happy to have you here.
      Keep writing and come back again.


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