Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taken in the Night

Tantalizing Thursday

             Taken in the Night
Author: Tara Fox Hall
Genre: Mainstream/Paranormal Romance
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Samuel turned to Theo suddenly. When his kind blue eyes fell on Theo, they went frosty and chill as the North Sea. “Who are you?” he said gratingly, offering his hand to Theo.

“I’m Danial’s chief of security, Theo,” Theo said, taking his hand.

“You must have a last name?” Samuel said sarcastically.

“It’s McGarran,” Theo said without blinking, his blue eyes cold.

I stopped breathing for a moment, but managed not to gasp.

“Are you taking good care of your master’s lover?” Samuel said darkly in double meaning. “I assume that’s your job, keeping her safe from other men—”

Oh, sh**.

“I try my best,” Theo said, his smile not reaching his eyes, which were livid. “So far I’ve had no complaints, Sir, from—”

“I’m sorry, but we must be going,” I interrupted. “The night is waning, and we have a long way to travel. Lord, I thank you again for all your hospitality, on behalf of Danial and myself.”

“You’re most welcome, Lady,” Samuel said mildly, and then turned to meet Danial, who was coming back with Lander. “Adieu, Racklan. It was good to meet you.”

“And you,” Danial replied pleasantly. “Farewell. Come, Sar.”

He led me away to the waiting limo. Theo got Elle’s crate in first, and then we embarked. Theo growled to himself the whole way, holding my hand so tight he almost bruised me.

As we walked from the limo to the waiting aircraft, shots rang out. Theo immediately dropped the crate and fell to the ground, covering me with his body. Lander, who’d been last, threw himself down on Danial. Poor Elle in her crate began to yowl. Theo drew out his specially made weapon from his back, and fired over me. Someone screamed, and then more bullets thwacked the pavement by our bodies, making large smoking craters.

The men firing at us had guns like ours.






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