Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sh** Kickers & Stilettos

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Sh** Kickers & Stilettos

Author: Rita Sawyer
Genre: Mainstream/Contemporary Romance
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“Dade, glad you’re here. I’m not sure if you two have met. Rosie this is your uncle’s assistant Dade Sebastian. Dade, this is Teddy’s niece Rosalind Crestmont.”

“Nice to see you again.” Rosie offered him her hand.

His big hand wrapped around hers. “You too.”

Rosie gasped more because she recognized his voice from when she arrived, than the tingle she felt from his touch. Both were enough to make her ease her hand out of his grip. She glanced down needing a second to get herself under control. Rosie noticed the shiny black and gray cowboy boots he had on and remembered that her uncle had a similar pair.

“Why don’t you two have a seat and we’ll get right to it.”Mr. Grest waved his hand at the two empty chairs as he took a seat in her uncle’s chair.

Dade waited for her to sit before he did. Good looking and manners, so far the guy had two things going for him. The lawyer pulled a stack of papers from a folder on the desk and flipped a couple of pages. He smile and tapped a spot obviously finding what he was looking for.

“It seems that Teddy has decided to do things a little differently, which to anyone that knew him won’t come as much of a surprise.”His friendly chuckle had her relaxing a little.

She smiled and glanced at Dade, who hadn’t even cracked a grin. Rosie wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad sign. Dade had spent more time with her uncle than anyone she knew. Sure whenever she came to visit he’d made himself scarce, but she always figured he was somewhere close by. Her visits had been few and way too far in between lately, but she had made sure that her and her uncle talked at least once a week by phone or video chat. Teddy hadn’t talked much about Dade other than to say ‘that kid is the best, almost as good as you’. He must have been otherwise her uncle wouldn’t have trusted him the way he did.

“I thought we weren’t reading the will until tomorrow?” Dade finally said.

“See that’s the tricky part. Teddy left two versions of his will.”

     “Why would he do that?” Rosie asked.


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