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Nicked Hearts - A Valentine's Romance

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Nicked Hearts - A Valentine's Romance

Nicked Hearts
Author: Mickie Sherwood
Genre: Mainstream/Contemporary/Interracial Romance
Buy: RedRosePublishing


"Like it so far?" He noticed the brief flicker in her eyes.

"I—love it." As they talked softly over the small orchestra warming up for the performance, Nick deftly slid something into her hand under the table. Clearly, it was a tiny box. He gripped her wrist as coercion for her to deposit it on the tabletop.

"Happy Valentine's," he whispered into her ear. His warm breath tickled, fanning the hair there. She gawked at him with liquid brown eyes. "Aren't you going to open it?"

"Nick, I can't accept gifts from you."

The performers on stage became animated in their routine—foot stomps, slaps and twirling flaming torches for the men—swaying hips and fluid hand motions for the women, commanding the attention of all but K.C. and Nick.

"You can shove diamonds at me—which by the way, I have in a safe place for you—but my show of affection is unwanted?" His brows drew together.

"Affection?" K.C. read the hurt in his eyes.

"No strings, K.C. Isn't that your favorite saying?"

It was.

K.C. quietly removed the red bow from the black box careful to keep her efforts under wraps. The top lifted to reveal a simple pair of interlocking gold hearts vertically floating on a dainty chain, and settled on a red satiny pillow. She fingered the trinket. "Please," Nick encouraged. She freed it from the gift box to instantly feel his strong fingers working the clasp around her neck. "Thank you, Nick," she murmured bashfully.

They were mistaken if they thought all at the table focused on the stage as Nick's new best friend's wife chimed in. "That's so sweet. New love," she bubbled. K.C. and Nick eyed each other. The following accompanied an elbow to her husband's ribs. "Where's my Valentines?"

K.C. played with the jewelry on her chest feeling a silly smile attack her mouth. Her eyes zipped up and down the table to see who else watched, followed closely by her guilt-ridden apology. "I'm sorry I don't have anything for you, Nick."

He smacked her cheek. "Being in your good company is more than enough. No strings."


K.C. and Nick vow "no strings". But, will they tie the knot?

Read the first two chapters.





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