Thursday, February 7, 2013

Buried Truths

Tantalizing Thursday




              Buried Truths
Author: Viola Russell
Genre: Mainstream/Contempory/Interracial
Buy: Red Rose Publishing


Drawing a deep breath, Dr. Wesley Chou pulled open the door of the coffee shop, searching for the face that had bewitched him twenty-four years ago. When he saw her sitting in the corner sipping coffee, his heart raced.

She rose when he entered and moved toward him.

The silky hair, the tight jeans, the fisherman’s cross earrings, the smooth skin. Her beauty still made him gasp. He’d seen pictures of her in the newspapers and on television representing the Archdiocese, but those images hadn’t represented her stunning beauty. She’d been a lovely girl, but she’d developed into an elegant and poised woman.


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