Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Rose in No-Man's Land

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           A Rose in No-Man's Land
Author: Margaret Tanner
Genre: Mainstream/Historical Romance
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“They’re being discreet and leaving us alone,” Amy muttered. “Sophie is in matchmaking mode. She’s frightened I’ll be left an old maid.”

“Not much chance of that.”

“Isn’t there?”

“You have such a fragile beauty it makes a man want to protect you forever. I only wish things could be different.”

“Don’t you want to get married, Mark? Have a home and children? I mean, when the war is over.”

“No, it could never work for me. It’s too late. I’m a loner now.” The flat, bleak statement filled her with an overwhelming sadness.

“Can you play anything other than Australian ballads?” He asked, in an obvious change of subject.

“A couple of hymns. I’m self-taught and can only play by ear. How about ‘Rock of Ages’? Do you know it?”

“Yes.”He reached across and pushed back a tendril of hair where it fell across her cheek. “I even remember some of the words,” he whispered, and his breath warmed her skin.

As she played she sang the words softly. Surprisingly, he joined in. His deep voice had a husky quality that made it soulful.

With the glowing embers of the fire, the intimate warmth of the room, and Mark squatting beside her chair, the words sounded more poignant than ever before.

The last notes of the violin throbbed mournfully before falling away, leaving only silence. Amy realized she was falling in love with Mark. It defied logic, as they barely knew each other. “When the war is over, do you think we’ll meet again?” She fought to keep the tremor out of her voice.

He picked up her hand and raised it to his lips. “Pretty Amy. My ways are alien to yours, my lovely girl. You need a man who can love and cherish you, give you children and a stable home.”

“After the war you could give me those things.” She stared into his eyes, drawn by their fierce blue, unchartered depths. “I…I love you,” she whispered, knowing full well the words were better left unsaid.



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