Thursday, January 24, 2013

Domingo's Angel

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           Domingo's Angel
Domingo's Angel
Author: Jenny Twist
Genre: Mainstream/Historical
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The next day he took his goats to the top of the ridge near the pass and looked down on the smallest casita of Guillermo the mayor. There was a mule tethered outside and a string of washing had been hung between two almond trees. Otherwise there was no sign of life. Halfway down the slope was a large algarrobo tree. He decided it would be an ideal place for lunch.

But although he sat and watched the little house all the time as he ate his bread and cheese and olives and drank his wine, nobody came out and nothing happened. Only the mule moved along the side of the house to keep in the shade as the sun moved round. So he went to sleep.

When he woke up, someone was calling him. “Hola, goatherd!”

He squinted up into the sun and there, standing before him was an angel. It was very tall and thin and there was a fiery halo round its head. “Hello,” it said, "Soy √Āngela - I am angel. I am delighted to meet you! Who are you?”

In absolute panic, Domingo shot up into a sitting position and shuffled backwards into the algarrobo tree. His head hit the hard trunk with a resounding crack and he subsided and slumped back down, feeling a little stunned.

The angel came forward into the shadow of the algarrobo tree and he realised that the halo was, in fact, hair - very long hair - falling in waves down beyond her shoulders and almost to her waist. It was exactly the colour of oranges that have dried on the tree. Her skin was so white it was almost blue and her eyes were so pale they had no colour at all. “How could they think she was a dead person?” he thought in a confused fashion. “She is obviously an angel.



  1. Domingo's Angel is a beautiful love story with emotionally gripping subplots and compelling characters and more than a touch of Spanish History. Try won;t be disappointed!

  2. Thanks, Tara. What a lovely thing to say.

  3. Your announcement asked the questions, do we think that blurbs work as promotional tools and have we ever bought a book based on its blurb.
    I think blurbs work if they're short. I have seen blurbs that were as long as excerpts. Sometimes excerpts are too long, too. I once saw an entire first chapter posted. No one shopping on line is going to take the time to read that. More than blurbs, I think loglines work really well--25 words or less but intriguing.
    Lovely excerpt from Domingo's Angel.

  4. Bless you, Sarah. I agree these things can be much too long. I have given up the will to live before now when struggling through an excerpt, which is why I asked the question. I've never really thought abut log-lines. Never even noticed them until a friend asked me for advice on hers. I shall now look at them with new eyes.


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