Sunday, December 30, 2012

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart
Anne Ashby
New Zealand widow Raven travels to Maryland to meet her new stepfather’s family. Son Greg's animosity and distrust forces Raven into safeguarding her mother's happiness. Pretending to be something she isn’t, she can't extricate herself as she falls for Greg. He will never forgive her deception, her lies.

She was his father's fiancĂ©e, wasn’t she? Greg discovers Raven's subterfuge within days. His initial enjoyment of her antics palls as his feelings deepen. He manoeuvres her into a situation where she'll be forced to own up, but his scheme back fires.

But Raven has more secrets.
Worlds Apart

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  1. A huge thank you, Mickie for featuring all my stories on your site. I look forward to responding to any of your readers who'd like to leave a comment.


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