Saturday, December 22, 2012

Seasons and Seashells

Offers stories for every season. Fall in love all over again.

Seasons and Seashells
Various Authors

Carol Burnside: “Do Over” Sometimes, the past merits repeating...


Tami Brothers: “Babbet’s New Beginning” Some people barely have time to pick themselves up before life knocks them down again.


Marilyn Baron: “The Fifth Season” (paranormal elements) Is there love after death? It’s waiting in the fifth season.


Sandra Elzie w/a Sandra McGregor: “Dreams of Yesterday” Surely life wasn’t over at twenty-nine.


Lindy Chaffin Start: “Gillian’s Letter to Paul” (paranormal elements) The happiest day of my life.


Linsey Lanier: “A Clever Season” (fantasy elements) And now for something entirely different...


Pam Asberry: “Last First Date” Sometimes you have to give up on love before it can find you.


Maxine Davis: “Sweet Revenge”Success is sweet revenge at a class reunion.


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