Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seven for a Secret

Seven For A Secret
Shirley Wine
After her father's death, Anna Belmonte learns she's his love child with the family's au pair, Megan. As Anna unravels the secrets, she meets Megan's stepson Slade and they quickly forge strong emotional bonds.

Anna, a gifted artist, thinks art and marriage incompatible, but with Slade can she have it all? Art, marriage and children…

Anna’s meeting Megan is a disaster…this is one secret never meant to be told. The dead hand of Anna's father reaches out to destroy their dreams…Must Slade choose between Anna and his family….how can Anna prove she wasn't a party to her father's diabolical scheme… or expect Slade's trust…
Seven for a Secret


  1. The cover looks so summery. Makes me want to be in your story, 'cause where I am, there's snow on the ground.

  2. Roxy,
    Thanks for stopping by. This is typical summer in New Zealand and after a really wet winter we're so looking forwards to beaches and picnics. Roll on summer.


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