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Custom Fit

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Custom Fit
Author: Lexi Miles
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Sunni is one of the most sought after style consultants and is put off when her boss calls her into her office, as if Sunni’s a newbie, and gives her an emergency assignment.  Sunni’s protest comes to a halt when she realizes that she got the assignment of a lifetime: dressing the ultra-sexy singer/actor Striker Clint.  The only rule, to avoid termination, no romantic involvement with clients.  But Striker is not just any client, Sunni has had it bad for him since she laid eyes on him in one of his earlier films.  Are some rules made to be broken?

Enchanting Excerpt:
After she received clearance, having been searched and her phone scanned for live feeds, Sunni had been allowed to finally work.  Sunni sprung into professional mode.  With quick confident strides she made her way over to Striker and the team of people that buzzed around him.  Most people would look for a manager or handler to handle the introductions, but that was not Sunni’s style.  She was direct.  She always felt that it was warmer to meet her client personally, and then to handle the other details afterward.

She extended her hand, and chirped spunkily as he took it, “Hi, I will be handling all of your needs over the holidays.

A sizzling grin twisted to life on Striker’s face, she melted, as he returned, “Is that right?  All of my needs.”

She blushed, her mind wanted to go flirtatious and even sexual so very badly, but she kept it on task.

She warmly returned, “Well not all of your needs.  I am just going to be taking your clothes on and off.”  Instantly she snapped her mouth closed.

Oh, crap.  She thought inside.  This was about to go off the tracks if she did not buckle down.  It was time to regroup. 

Sure, in all fairness, she had fantasized about him from a far and had thought about saying many wildly suggestive things to him, but this was not the time nor the place.  And another huge fact—one that mattered big time—she was a professional.  She told herself to get it together.  She nodded.  Although the redness of embarrassment was now burning to the surface of her skin, she was again ready to speak.

“I am guessing.  You know that I meant I was your style consultant.”

“Yes,” he chuckled, so sexily it was criminal.

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