Friday, June 26, 2015

Her Savage Heart

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Her Savage Heart
Author: Chandler Adams
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Margaret knew that staying on the claim alone was not going to be easy, but she needed to stay behind and take care of the homestead while her father made the arduous trip to replenish their supplies. Margaret is forcefully abducted by a savage. Only after freeing herself and eventually helping her abductor does Margaret learn that the savage, Avonaco, had saved her from certain death. Through the course of time, Margaret and she finds herself becoming attracted to the Indian. She is willing to defy territorial law to love and be with him.

Enchanting Excerpt:
She hesitated before going back into the cabin. She had a wounded Indian in her home. She felt that she could comfortably nurse him back to health, but what was she going to do with him afterwards? Did she really want a healthy Indian in her home? She still did not know why he had tried to abduct her and, though she felt that he did not intend to kill her, she had no proof to the contrary. She realized that she may be inviting the cause of her own demise into her home.

Margaret shrugged off those thoughts and began the arduous task of getting the Indian into a bed. He would have to sleep in her father’s bed. Her room was in the loft, and there was no way she would be able to carry the Indian up the stairs to put him in her bed. The words “her bed” made her catch her breath. The thought of the Indian lying naked in her bed excited her in a way she had never felt before.

Finally, the realization struck her like a lightning bolt. She was attracted to the Indian. What a difference a few hours had made. At one point she was loading the rifle, wondering if she would be able to shoot him dead if needed. The next moment, she was fantasizing about having him in her bed, lying next to him, touching every inch of his body.


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