Sunday, April 26, 2015

Losing Who

Weekenders Romance Watch

Book 3 in the Loving Who series

Author: Cynthianna
Genre: Mainstream Romance
Buy: Mojocastle Press

Cici Connors is losing her mind—or is she? Alien time traveler John Smith vows to return her memories, but will his sci-fi con only attract an invasion of Earth by artificially intelligent life forms?


Enchanting Excerpt:
(A telepathic conversation between John and Cici, wherein he tries to explain why he had to blank her memories.)

The time lines…They got a bit muddy. We had to undo them and start afresh in order to keep the universe from exploding. You’re sensitive to how the time lines flow, Cici, but you’re not one of us who can step totally out of time and look at them objectively. So, you’ve got to trust me on this point—you know me from before, and I’ve come back for you against the wishes of my own kind.

Some of what he was relating to her mind made sense. Cici had felt these past few days as if she’d been yanked out of time and thrust back into it at another spot against her will. She sensed that the clock had been turned back and that she was reliving the same days again, only this time with a slightly different cast of characters in a completely different situation. You’re risking your own safety to be with me? she wondered.

I am. I’m risking your safety, too. That’s why I wanted to confess as soon as you seemed able to deal with this knowledge. If you want me out of your time line, I’ll go, Cici. But before I go, I wanted you to know that it wasn’t my idea to leave you behind in the first place.

You want to be with me? Cici felt tears burning beneath her eyelids, but she couldn’t find either her eyes or her tissue to wipe them away.
My kind doesn’t know what romance or love means really, but I think I’ve learned more about it since we met. It’s why I came back for you.

Damn… You’ve wrecked my cynicism. She felt the warmth of a sun upon her cheek like a kiss of an angel. Anything is possible, isn’t it, John Smith?

She heard a soft chuckle then, It is when you love someone, Cici Connors. Love makes all things possible.



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