Sunday, December 21, 2014

Change of Heart

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Change of Heart
Author: C.J. Rand
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Pop star Cheyenne Roberts has a singing voice that’s earned her two platinum albums. No one knows she’s a prisoner of her former pimp, Ice Boudreaux. When her tour bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she flees, determined to leave her demons behind.

When Paul Sampson picks up a hitchhiker one night, it turns out to be Cheyenne. She’s suffering from withdrawal symptoms and has baggage she’s not willing to discuss. Paul doesn’t care about her past, only her future, which he envisions himself a part of.

But Ice wants his superstar back. Will Cheyenne have a chance at redemption before Ice destroys the new life she’s built? 

Enchanting Excerpt:

She held Paul’s gaze, staring into green eyes that made her think of the moss-covered bayous in Louisiana where she played as a child. With bronzed skin kissed by the sun, eyebrows as thick as caterpillars, and lips that looked perfect for kissing, he looked more like a model than a reverend. As he sat across from her in a striped blue shirt and camel slacks, he exuded confidence.  He was far from cocky, but anyone who spoke to him for more than a minute knew he was a man in charge. She wondered how any female parishioner within a hundred mile radius could focus on the sermon with this hottie in sight.

She knew she shouldn’t think of him like that. She had no business even talking to him. He was a man of God.  If he knew the vile things she’d done.  The things she’d allowed to be done to her body. The substances she’d ingested to make her forget her repugnant memories.  The abuse she’d accepted in exchange for one iota of affection. The pain and humiliation she’d been subjected to. What would he think of her then? 



  1. Hi Mickie! Thanks for having me on Blurbs in Bloom today. I'm excited about my first Interracial Christian Romance, Change of Heart. It's already gotten two 5-star reviews this week. I hope readers enjoy this 'feel-good' romance.

    1. Hi Chanta,

      It's my pleasure to have you and your new Christian romance at BlurbsinBloom. I wish you continued success.



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