Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cherished Moments - New Release Available Now!

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Welcome Sneak Peek Sunday! Enjoy this six paragraph snippet.

Author: Mickie Sherwood
Genre: Mainstream Romance
Buy: Topaz Publishing
Enchanting Excerpt:
The evening was hot and humid—true South Louisiana weather. Nonetheless, Jordan continued to dance away her troubles. Soon, the denseness of the crowd intensified the temperature. When the tempo of the music slowed, relief rushed over her. This ballad presented the perfect opportunity to sneak off the dance floor. Now she could catch her breath. Jordan strategically mingled at various tables, leaving a few cordial words at each one. With polite gestures, she worked her way from the crowd's core. Beyond the music stage, she spotted a sweet shady spot.

While she imagined herself seated in the space, someone groped her from the rear. Shocked, Jordan jumped. Simultaneously, the person pinned her arms in front of her. Jordan panicked—her body was being held against her will. Movements restricted, her attacker flipped her around with ease. He pressed his face against hers, and then moved his lips backwards until they rested upon her ear.

"Calm down, Senator," he said gruffly.

The sound of the male’s voice made her cringe. “Luther. Are. You. Insane?" In her unflattering position, Jordan tried constantly to escape without garnering attention. However, the fifty-year-old, former boxer was much too strong. He crushed her body against his.

Alcohol oozed from Luther’s pores and irritated her nose. His arms were locked so tight, that she found it difficult to breath. When she finally inhaled, his stale odor filled her lungs.

"What’s this all about, Luther?” She struggled and pushed against him.


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  1. Interesting excerpt. You've captured the mood and setting well. I think the heat alone would make it difficult to breathe.

    1. Thanks, Christina. You're right. Louisiana's heat can be stifling.

  2. Nicely evocative scene that engaged my senses. Suspenseful and scary,too. Well done!

    1. Jean,
      I'm glad you liked the snippet.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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