Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jack and Diane

Tantalizing Thursday


             Jack and Diane
Author: Lena Hampton
Genre: Mainstream/Contemporary Romance
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No cars had passed by her. She frequently checked that the hazard lights were on; they were. Finally, after over an hour of waiting a vehicle pulled up behind her. It was a big black truck with the spotlights on the top. Was that a gun rack? Yep. That was also a confederate vanity plate. They say you should not look a gift horse in the mouth, but she was debating which was worse, dying of hypothermia or dying from some torture at the hands of a racist hick.

“Hi. Ma’am? Did you need some help?”

The deepness of his voice tickled her ears and warmed her from inside. She pulled the scarf down from her mouth and the hat up to her hairline revealing her face. “No thank you. Someone’s on the way,” she lied out of fear of her skeleton being found five years from now. His eyes were so mesmerizing blue that for a few seconds she wasn’t afraid at all. “Thank you for stopping sir. That was very kind.”


The driver was bundled so tightly that it was hard to determine gender. When she revealed her face there was no doubt that she was a woman. A quite beautiful woman with smooth chocolate skin, pretty brown eyes, and full soft lips.

“I can get you a tow and give you a ride.”

“Thanks for the offer, but someone is on their way,” she smiled as she lied.

He’d never seen anything more inviting than that smile. He smiled and tried hard to think fast to prolong this. He didn’t believe this was a chance meeting because he didn’t believe in chance. “Do you want to wait in my truck with me? It’s warm.”

She stared at him thinking for a long time. “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. My mother told me not to get into cars with strangers.”

“Well, my momma taught me to help a person in need, especially if that person is of the female persuasion and beautiful. I’ll still wait to be sure you get off safely, but take my jacket to help keep you warm.”

He removed his jacket. After a moment of hesitation she rolled the window down just enough for it to squeeze through. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He stood looking at her for a tad more than necessary before heading to his warm truck.



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