Thursday, April 25, 2013

Still the One

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             Still the One
Still the One
Author: Joan Reeves
Genre: Mainstream/Contemporary Romance
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Ally Fletcher had waited six years for this opportunity. Six long years. There was no way a mere thunderstorm was going to stop her. Of course in Texas, calling this a mere thunderstorm was like saying a Texas tornado was mere puff of wind.

She peered anxiously through the river of rain that washed down the windshield. The sluggish wipers couldn't keep pace with a downpour that reduced visibility to zero. Where was the church? It would be easy to miss through the curtain of falling rain. Suddenly, the church loomed out of the rain like the iceberg that had sunk the Titanic. Ally slammed on the brakes and jerked the steering wheel sharply to the right, trying to make the turn into the parking lot.

Big mistake.

The little blue car turned and kept on turning, spinning in a circle. Ally didn't have time to scream. She fought the steering wheel, but lost. The rental car concluded its acrobatics by smashing into a sleek black Jaguar parked along the curving driveway. 

The rental car shuddered and died. Ally released the breath that had caught somewhere between her lungs and her throat. When this was over, she decided, she was going to have a nice nervous breakdown. Right now, she just didn't have the time.

Ally yanked the door handle upward. The door didn't budge. "I don't have time for this," she complained aloud. Exasperated, she pulled hard and shoved with her shoulder at the same time. The door flew open. With a startled cry, Ally fell out into the rain. 

Really angry now, at the lousy car, the rain that drenched her, the rush hour traffic, and the phone call that had started this insanity, she scrambled to her feet and kicked the offending door with her right foot.

"Owww!" She yelped. But the door slammed and stayed shut. "Can this day possibly get any worse?" 

As if the universe answered her, the rain intensified, pelting her with even greater force. This was all Burke's fault. She hadn't seen the blasted man in six years. Six years of a quiet, orderly life. But from the moment her grandmother had mentioned his name today, her world had begun to tip crazily on its axis.
"You're going to pay for this Burke Winslow!" She muttered, limping up the church steps.



  1. Thanks so much for featuring STILL THE ONE, a book one reader told me made her "laugh so hard my family thought I'd gone crazy."

    1. You're very welcome, Joan. Ally is having one heck of a day. LOL


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