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Hunting Heartbreak

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               Hunting Heartbreak
Hunting Heartbreak
Author: Marie Hampton
Genre: Mainstream/Contemporary/Romantic Suspense
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“How are—I hate these things.” Ryan readjusted his chopsticks for the tenth time.
Kas laughed, and she pointed to a roll covered in sticky rice and topped with roe. “Try this one. It’s really good. Oh, and don’t forget to add this.” She put a dime-sized smear of wasabi on her roll and pushed the cup to Ryan.
He dipped his pinkie in it and sucked off a sizable amount of the green paste. “Ah d***!” He reached for his beer, but it was empty. Instead he grabbed Kas’ sake and chugged it, coughing, eyes watering. Other patrons glared at their table as Kas and Jamie broke out into a fit of raucous laughter.

“Oh, it’s hot.” Kas waved over their waiter and ordered everyone a glass of sake. “Seriously, this one is good.” She insistently pointed at the roe-covered rolled.
Ryan shrugged. “What the h***? I’ll probably be puking it up later anyway.” He pinched his nose and shoved the roll into his mouth. Eventually, he released his nose, and his sour face changed to one of contemplation.
“Well?” Jamie asked, taking a gulp of sake.
“Not bad.” Ryan nodded and looked to Kas. “What’s that stuff on top?”
“Roe?” Ryan reached toward another roll of the same kind.
“Fish eggs.” Jamie grabbed some salmon wrapped in a loose leaf with bits of cucumber.
Ryan paled. He took another large drink of sake and continued with the pieces that were already on his plate.
The check came, and the total was somewhat staggering due to all their drinks. Kas shoved it to Ryan. “You’re the party crasher.”
He pushed the check back. “I have a bike to fix.”
“Oh, come on, Kas. He’s been the entertainment. I”ll pay it.” Jamie pulled a credit card from a small wallet that fit easily into her back pocket. Kas grabbed it and put some cash in to cover her share of the bill.
“You get the tip.” Kas elbowed Ryan.
“Sure, sugart***s.”
Jamie guffawed and spit her drink onto Ryan. Kas glared at him, fighting the urge to punch him in the face. She stood and put her jacket on, then left. Only at the last minute did she hear Jamie cry out.
“Wait up, Kas! I gotta use the bathroom.”



  1. Good excerpt, Marie. I don't like chopsticks and roe? well your Kas is one tough woman.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I would agree with you about chopsticks. It's like trying to write with the other hand only messier.


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