Saturday, March 16, 2013

Like a Lily

Victoria Pitts-Caine
She decided long ago to be called Susan, not exactly the name her parents had given her, but the one she’d chosen...

When she first opens her dream shop, Susie’s Flowers, on a cold February morning, a new chapter in her life begins. She doesn’t anticipate it will include meeting the most eligible bachelor in tiny Winton Springs.

Then Ben Turner, the new minister at North Point, walks into Susan’s shop to order flowers for the Easter service.

She assumes he wants friendship. He’ll take that, for now, but when he discovers her real name, things change...

Like a Lily


  1. Thank you Mickie. I love the blog, such a great idea.

    1. Hi, Victoria,

      Thanks for the compliment. I must say that I, too, love that cover.

  2. A perfect cover and blurb for this lovely blog!
    Best of luck with this wonderful book, Victoria.

  3. Great novella. I enjoyed the story very much and recommend it to all.

  4. Sweet story. I enjoyed the novella very much.

  5. Like a Lily is a charming Easter novella. Susan got an unexpected second chance, reminding the reader Easter is a time of miracles, even in love.

  6. You're all so kind. Thank you for stopping by, reading the novella and the great support.

  7. Who needs chocolates and pastries at Easter? We want books with good stories. Here's one, complete with romance.


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