Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cold Warriors

Tantalizing Thursday



              Cold Warriors
Author: Clare Dargin
Genre: Mainstream/Science Fiction Romance
Buy: Decadent Publishing


Caitlin spun around, showing a face that lacked the sweet innocence he once knew. To him, she still looked just as beautiful to him as the day she left, even more so now. He hadn’t realized how much he had missed her until that moment.

“Sir, please, we are not to associate with one another,” she stated evenly and made her way toward the door.

Sir? Before, he could barely get the word “Colonel” out of her, now she was calling him “sir?” Keegan stepped in her path. His chest tightened and inner strength started to waiver. All the hope and dreams he held of this woman wavered on the edge. Had time dispelled the emotions he’d been sure he’d seen from her—felt from her?

“Why won’t you talk to me?” He placed his hand on her shoulder.

Caitlin stepped away and stood at attention. “Because we’re not supposed to. According to the supplementary code of the UN Forces Statute of Twenty-Seventy-Two. Military personnel shall not have unauthorized association with person or persons of unspecified origin outside of specifically assigned duty.”

Her mechanical answered made him frown. A new rush of emotion brimmed to the surface; this time it wasn’t anger but frustration.

“Those statutes apply to non-humans,” he replied quietly.

“Yes, sir, I know.”

“What have they been teaching you?”

“Sir, I would like to leave.” She looked straight ahead.

“Please stop calling me ‘sir.’” He sighed. Had he lost her already? Was he too late? “Speak you were.”

Caitlin relaxed but did not meet his gaze. “If we continue talking and we get caught, I’ll get into a lot of trouble.”

“That’s ridiculous,” he protested. Deep down, he knew what she said was true. A lump formed in his throat. “What happened to you? You weren’t like this before. What did they teach you over there?”

“My place. I learned that I do not enjoy the same rights or privileges as a regular human.”

     She then stared at him, her gaze harsh and demanding.



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