Saturday, February 23, 2013


J.L. Hammer
Part of a secret government project, Elena Davidson’s life is in serious jeopardy when she is kidnapped by terrorists. Safeguarding 'Blue Horizon' isn’t just a mission. She knows that if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be dangerous for the entire world.

Beckham Connors has orders to rescue Elena from her captors or if necessary—kill her. Whatever happens, she cannot be left alive on Iranian soil.

Forced into a whirlwind adventure, Elena must decide if she can trust the ruggedly handsome Beckham—or if he poses a greater danger than the terrorists.


  1. Blue Horizon is filled with intrigue, danger, terrorists and of course....romance. J.L.manages to pull you into the story and not let you go until the last page!


    KJ Montgomery

  2. KJ, I'm so thrilled you enjoyed Blue Horizon. Thanks for commenting.


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