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Tempted by Love

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 Tempted by Love

Author: Vanessa Alexander Johnson
Genre: Mainstream/Contemporary/IR
Buy: RedRosePublishing


Through her almost fifty years of life, Constance had often heard women admit that they too had sometimes frequent, recurring thoughts of their first love, thoughts that made them wonder about the ‘whats’ concerning their exes - what their exes current status was; what they looked like now; who they were with; what their mates looked like; did their exes ever think of them - too. And it didn’t matter how many eons had gone by, or how many other encounters of love they’d experienced since their first loves, many admitted they’d always hold a special place in their heart for that one person. 

Constance smirked. Although she’d never admit this to anyone except her best friend, Randi Lynn, it certainly was no different for her. Those questions often plagued her mind when she thought of him. He was the first man who had captured her heart, her mind, and her soul, and had held them prisoner in some form or fashion ‘til this very day.

Constance’s mind conjured up another image of Tallen, a five foot, nine inch bow-legged track runner from her high school days. Her mind vividly recalled his soft brown eyes, his smooth complexion, the shade of toasted cinnamon, his not- too-thick yet not-too thin lips, and perfect white teeth that when he smiled, brightened the darkest midnight sky. 

Was his hair showing signs of getting gray, as was hers? She chuckled. Hell, he might not have any hair at all! Had he retained his boyish, yet muscular frame or had gravity set in around his midsection? Constance shook her head to erase the smiling boyish image from her mind.

After almost thirty years, and as hard as she tried to forget about him, Constance had resigned herself long ago that Tallen still owned parts of heart and soul, but not her body. That had been freed many eons ago by a careless act of his own doing. As far as her mind was concerned, she couldn’t help but allow him to take up residence in there, and lately it was happening more times than she cared to admit, event to herself. The space he had staked out in her heart all those years ago would probably be there for all eternity, she surmised.


Vanessa says: "One lucky commenter will win a PDF copy of Tempted by Love."

Ends at midnight CST Friday, January 18, 2013.

Winner announced by Vanessa in comments section of her excerpt on Saturday, January 19, 2013.


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