Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monogamy Twist

Tantalizing Thursday



                 Monogamy Twist
Author: Nancy Jardine
Genre: Mainstream/Ancestral Mystery
Buy: Amazon


His mouth was even closer than before. But instead of taking her lips his chuckle puffed on them.

“I don’t have a wife, and I sure as hell hadn’t been planning on having one anytime soon.”

Rhia’s lids fluttered. “So you can’t inherit right now? But you could later. If…” Her voice faltered as though it was excruciating to utter the words. “You…er, got married?”

“Bang on,” Luke chuckled.

His hands slipped from the back of the chair where they’d bracketed her in and snagged her fingers, encouraging her to her feet. A jolt of awareness channeled between their locked hands, rode up his arms and permeated his entire body making him quiver with anticipation. He’d never experienced anything so volatile before. It raised the triple-time libido even further—no doubt about that! He needed to bring his thoughts to order for he was losing it. Badly. He windshield-wiped his eyes and focused before continuing, his tone raspy for he couldn’t quite get to grips with that yet.

“But not later,” he growled. “I’m not a man to hang around and waste valuable time. It has to be as soon as possible—as early as can be arranged.”

“What?” Her voice was a mere susurration into the stillness, her face a cameo of distrust.

“Why should we let the property deteriorate further?” His tone invited, his intensity luring her in again. He stroked her fingers. “You know you can’t back away and let that lovely old estate you profess to love fall into complete ruin.”

“What are you talking about?” Her irises widened at his words.

Luke tightened the pressure of his fingers willing the warmth of his grip to ensnare her. “I need someone to marry me, and I want that person to be you.”




  1. Hi. Mickie! Thank you for featuring Monogamy Twist, today.:-)

    1. My pleasure, Nancy. And we're not finished, yet. LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Renaissance Woman! I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt.


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