Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby Under the Christmas Tree

Baby Under the Christmas Tree
Teresa Carpenter
San Diego hockey team's PR director Elle Austin goes beyond the call of duty to keep their rebel captain in check—even playing nanny to his son!

Max Beasley knows nothing about looking after a baby, so he enlists Elle's help after little Troy is left on his doorstep by his irresponsible ex.

Maybe it's the spirit of Christmas, or seeing Max's softer side, but Elle wishes he saw her as more than just an employee, and that they could give Troy the best gift of all—a family!

Baby Under the Christmas Tree


  1. Congratulations on the new release, Teresa! It looks like a fabulous book.

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Hey, Teresa! Looks like this book will be as heartwarming as all of yours. You've got the touch!

  3. Loved the blurb for Baby Under the Christmas Tree! BTW, I have The Sheriff's Doorstep Baby on my Kindle TBR shelf and can't wait to read!

    Good luck with the new release!

  4. Congrats, Teresa!! What a great cover. Can't wait to read it.

  5. Congratulations on the release Teresa!!!

    Sounds heartwarming!

    Lisa :)

  6. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale. I love the Disney version. I just get drawn in by the spunky heroine standing up to the surly beast. She's a dreamer and he's given up hope, each gives the other what they need by being vulnerable enough to allow themselves to fall in love. It's enchanting and heartfelt and utterly, completely romantic.

    When I decided to write The Princess Camp series themed after fairy tales, I was excited to include Beauty and the Beast. Of course this is me and I always like to throw my couple off by including the element of a baby so my version is Beauty, Beast, and the Baby. In Baby Under the Christmas Tree there are no singing wardrobes or dancing candelabra, only two vulnerable characters in need of love. I hope you have as much fun reading my story as I had writing it.


  7. A heartwarming and well written blurb...Best of luck with the story, Teresa.

    Merry Christmas,

  8. Teresa -- Can't wait to read it! I always love everything you put your characters through...!



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