Friday, July 27, 2012

Holiday in Bologna

Book Cover
Lindsay Townsend
Heidi Manelli, a bright, lively Anglo-Italian, arrives in Italy on a mission. A letter given to her on her 21st birthday has revealed that her real name is Soleari and she has family living in Bologna. Orphaned, she is unsure how her estranged relatives will receive her.

The story opens with Heidi outside the Soleari villa. There she encounters her second cousin, the quietly charismatic yet aloof Stefano, who is suspicious of her sudden appearance and disinclined to believe who she is. After pleading from her aunt, Heidi reluctantly agrees to stay at the villa, where she swiftly discovers more mysteries, and danger.

She turns to Stefano for help, but will he do so? What is his relationship with his family? What does he want from her? Is their developing relationship a holiday romance, or something deeper?

Is her holiday in Bologna going to change her life forever?

Holiday in Bologna


  1. This is a cracking story. All those twists and turns kept me rivetted.

  2. This sounds very good, Lindsay. Lots of possibilities here! Yum.


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