Friday, June 1, 2018

Gumshoe Girl

 Weekenders Romance Watch

Author: Andi Ramos
Genre: Romantic Mystery
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Sheagan O’Hare got more than she bargained for when her newly inherited detective agency lands its first case; a missing person, embezzlement, and murder. Sheagan’s out to prove she can hang with the pro's, despite the constant reminder of her amateur status from an annoyingly attractive FBI agent, Colin 'Mac' MacEvine, who’s forced himself into her life.

How does she feel when an old high school friend hopes to ignite a new romance?

Will she be able to discover if detective work and love can mingle before someone gets hurt?

Enchanting Excerpt:
Her cheeks flushed. Cristal, she scoffed. Who is this Bimbo, anyway?

As if she had room to criticize this girl’s intelligence, when Sheagan was the one sweating her makeup off in a four-by-four-foot air-duct.

Yeah, who’s the stupid one?

She heard passionate sounds coming from the right of the room and recognized his tone. Leaning sideways, Sheagan pressed her face to the grate, but her limited view revealed only a portion of the bed and unable to make out major details, like faces.

Crap, I can’t see anything. Damn! She needed to get a better look.

As she shifted her weight, the metal walls started to reverberate and Sheagan stifled a gasp, willing the rumbling to cease. Her breathing became labored as the musty air stole the aroma of the sweet perfume wafting up waft from the suite below. She stilled her movements and did the only thing she could think of... nothing. Nothing but stare at the heap of blankets and wait.

Come on, bimbo, come up for air. I know he doesn’t last that long.

Her discomfort increased as the noise from their passion became more intense. Ugh, that’s it, I’ve had it!

She mashed her cheek and upper body against the grate.

I just need a peek to confirm.

She pressed harder, ogling the bed. Finally, she caught a tiny glimpse.

Just a little further.

She pushed and heard a chirring sound, then a scraping. She froze in place, but the grate gave way with a creaking groan and crashed to the ground. Time stood still as Sheagan realized there was nothing between her and the floor except air.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Prancing Around with Sleeping Beauty

Weekenders Romance Watch

Author: Stacy Juba
Genre: Chick Lit
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Dance instructor Rory Callahan likes to play it safe. When she meets Kyle, he’s impulsive, persistent, and her exact opposite. He’s keeping Rory on her toes more than twenty years of dance teachers ever had. Unfortunately, he’s the grandson of her family’s archrival and she doesn’t want to disappoint them. After all, her parents imagine her as a proper princess - hence her namesake Aurora, AKA Sleeping Beauty.  Rory’s also dealing with a boyfriend who’s perfect for her, an obnoxious boss, and desperate dance moms. Kyle wants to change her whole life, but Rory doesn’t like the stakes. After all, princesses are the ones who get happy endings. . .aren’t they?

Enchanting Excerpt:
High above the crowded beach, an airplane skimmed the cloudless blue sky, its hum a distant whine over the thunderous surf. Behind it trailed a banner with red block letters. Cupping her hand over her brow, Rory Callahan squinted in the glaring sunlight.


She gasped, and her bare feet pressed into the gritty sand. Rory gripped the sides of her sunken beach chair. Her boyfriend, Dr. Brad Walker, a general surgery medical resident at Mountain View Medical Center, occupied the second chair, engrossed in a sports magazine, oblivious to the romantic gesture—or pretending he was oblivious.

Rory had accompanied him to the Jersey Shore for his parents’ thirtieth anniversary party. When Brad suggested a morning at the beach before driving back to the Catskills, she never expected a marriage proposal. Her stomach clenched, the semi-queasy reaction surprising her.

After all, she had wanted this—well, maybe not this, not yet—but Rory had wanted a declaration of love from the guy her mother worshipped and that her annoying big brother insisted “wasn’t that into her.” Obviously Brad was into her. This proved his willingness to make their relationship work. She would show her brother, and her friends, too. Rory knew her roommates worried that Brad didn’t carve out enough time for her, but unlike Dylan, the girls minded their own business.

All brides-to-be probably felt jittery during the proposal. She choked down the very normal mound in her throat, reached over, and touched Brad’s hand. “I had no idea you were planning this. Yes. I’ll . . . I’ll marry you.”

Brad dropped the magazine onto his nearby flip-flops as if sand fleas had nested inside the pages. His chiseled face had blanched whiter than his pale chest, arms, and legs. Summer was almost over, and Rory would bet this was the first time he’d worn the charcoal print swim trunks she bought him. “What? What the hell are you talking about?”

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Druid Warrior Prince

Weekenders Romance Watch

Author: Juli D. Revezzo
Genre: Fantasy Romance
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Gwenevieve Macken’s well-ordered world falls into chaos as encroaching interlopers scheme to possess both her and her land. Although she’s been trained to spot the signs of inhuman evil in men, the amassing armies take on guises she never expected.

When a foreign guardian presents himself as her only option for salvation, Gwenevieve must make a choice between her desires, and fulfilling the mythic fate to which she was born. A forced marriage to a Tuatha dé Danann warrior isn't part of her plan.

Enchanting Excerpt:
“Ho, open the gates!” Isaac called.
“Password!” the guard bellowed back.
He cried out the words... [S]oon the gate’s hinges creaked in annoyance as someone inside threw their weight against the pull. Two men guided the gate as it yawned wide.
Lord Macken waited beyond, pacing like a caged animal. “There you are!” Then he took in the condition of their band. “What happened?”
Isaac, Nigel, and Maedus exchanged a glance. “Our friend requires a healer,” Maedus said. “Have you seen Mistress Cyreth around?”
“The girl?” Gwenevieve asked.
“Take him inside.” Sir Macken then called out for his wife, and within seconds, she stepped through the door.
“Lord Tam requires the healer,” Sir Macken shouted.
She nodded and lumbered around the side of the house, demanding, “See that Mairrann Mac Carthaigh comes.”
Sir Macken turned his attention back to Maedus’ band. “He will take care of you, son.”
Isaac helped Tam to his lodging and at last, Sir Macken addressed his daughter. Rage clouded his eyes.
Maedus felt Gwenevieve fold into him.
Perhaps she might be safer outside the walls. “No going back now, lass,” he murmured.
“Can’t you slap me on the wrist and be done with it?” she whispered.
“It’s not my place.” He slid off his horse’s back and held his arms up for her. Despite the clouds, the sun lowering toward the horizon blinded him for a moment.
Gwenevieve slid into his arms and to the ground.
“What’s my father paying you? I’ll pay you twice as much to talk him out of punishing me.” She gave him a light kiss on the lips, melding against him as if they were the only two in the world. As if they’d returned from a pleasant afternoon’s ride. “I’d much rather you put me over your knee than let my father do it.”
Maedus blinked. She’d kissed him. What had she just promised?


Friday, November 17, 2017

Sweet Caroline

Weekenders Romance Watch

Sweet Caroline
Author: Becky Lower
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caroline Stuart never returned to Lobster Cove after an embarrassing summer night when she was fifteen. But her cousin’s marriage was an event she couldn’t miss. Imagine her surprise when she discovers her partner in the bridal party is Grant Jackson, the same boy who humiliated her years ago. She still hates him. Yet, he still excites her.

Grant had more than the usual problems fitting in as a teenager, being the only boy of mixed heritage in the school. And he’d somehow alienated the one girl he desperately wanted to impress. With Caroline’s return to Lobster Cove, he finally has an opportunity to make amends, if only she’ll listen. If only she’ll let go of the past.

Enchanting Excerpt:
Abbey laughed as the other two bridesmaids stood at the window, giggling. “Come take a look at the groomsmen.” She hustled Caroline to the window.

Four men stood outside, handsome in their dark gray, three-piece suits.

“No tuxedos?” Caroline craned her neck to see the men.

“As Penny said, nothing conventional here today.” Abbey pointed to one of the men. “Allow me to point out my Charlie, the one with the light brown hair.”

“And whose fine backside am I staring at?” Caroline gestured to the man facing away and leaning over to straighten his pants leg.

“I’m glad you approve. That’s your groomsman.” Abbey laughed.

At that precise moment, the man straightened and glanced at the window.

Mocha skin, piercing, unexpected blue eyes, and curly black hair. Caroline caught her breath and put a hand on her suddenly nervous stomach. “Grant? Please tell me he’s not Grant.”

“I’m surprised you even remember him, Caro.” Abbey glanced at Caroline with widening eyes and gave her a playful swat on the arm. “Del picked his groomsmen, and Grant was the only one tall enough to pair with you. I hope you don’t mind.”

Caroline pivoted away from the window, her mind buzzing and her panic rising as she recalled the last time she’d seen Grant. “Yes, I do mind, but we’re too late to change things around. For Penny and Del’s sake, I’ll be cordial. But once today is over I hope never to see him again.”



Saturday, November 4, 2017

Romance-Portation 2 Excerpt and Promo Op


Romance-Portation! Let's ride.

Hi BlurbsinBloom-ers,

I invite you to my other blog for an excerpt of Love’s Ultimate Balm. What happens when a Good Samaritan pet vet makes a house call on Halloween night? Will Herman the Munster reveal his identity to her?

Come on over to see how ZeLisa and Hank’s Romance-Portation begins.

Love's Ultimate Balm Jeep6

Authors, there’s a promo op for you. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Readers, enjoy the ride .

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Mickie Sherwood
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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Love’s Ultimate Balm

Weekenders Romance Watch
New Release: October 1st 
Love's Ultimate Balm

Author: Mickie Sherwood
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Now that Dr. ZeLisa Tobias has survived an IED attack and a stint of homelessness, nothing will prevent her from achieving her goals (her “Three B’s”). Then, the veterinarian makes a house call on Halloween night. Face to face with a man from her past, she must deal with his feelings of betrayal and, later, a series of rash misfortune that threatens her newfound stability.

Firefighter Hank Streeter knows his call to the animal hospital is a mistake the instant he answers the door. The doctor has arrived. And—heartbreak is her name.

Will deception, doubt, and a run of bad luck curse their accidental reunion?
Or will Hank convince ZeLisa that a marriage of convenience is love’s ultimate balm?

Note: This is an intimately sweet, relationship-based, mainstream romance.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Custom Fit

Weekenders Romance Watch

Custom Fit
Author: Lexi Miles
Genre: Mainstream Romance
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Sunni is one of the most sought after style consultants and is put off when her boss calls her into her office, as if Sunni’s a newbie, and gives her an emergency assignment.  Sunni’s protest comes to a halt when she realizes that she got the assignment of a lifetime: dressing the ultra-sexy singer/actor Striker Clint.  The only rule, to avoid termination, no romantic involvement with clients.  But Striker is not just any client, Sunni has had it bad for him since she laid eyes on him in one of his earlier films.  Are some rules made to be broken?

Enchanting Excerpt:
After she received clearance, having been searched and her phone scanned for live feeds, Sunni had been allowed to finally work.  Sunni sprung into professional mode.  With quick confident strides she made her way over to Striker and the team of people that buzzed around him.  Most people would look for a manager or handler to handle the introductions, but that was not Sunni’s style.  She was direct.  She always felt that it was warmer to meet her client personally, and then to handle the other details afterward.

She extended her hand, and chirped spunkily as he took it, “Hi, I will be handling all of your needs over the holidays.

A sizzling grin twisted to life on Striker’s face, she melted, as he returned, “Is that right?  All of my needs.”

She blushed, her mind wanted to go flirtatious and even sexual so very badly, but she kept it on task.

She warmly returned, “Well not all of your needs.  I am just going to be taking your clothes on and off.”  Instantly she snapped her mouth closed.

Oh, crap.  She thought inside.  This was about to go off the tracks if she did not buckle down.  It was time to regroup. 

Sure, in all fairness, she had fantasized about him from a far and had thought about saying many wildly suggestive things to him, but this was not the time nor the place.  And another huge fact—one that mattered big time—she was a professional.  She told herself to get it together.  She nodded.  Although the redness of embarrassment was now burning to the surface of her skin, she was again ready to speak.

“I am guessing.  You know that I meant I was your style consultant.”

“Yes,” he chuckled, so sexily it was criminal.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Azure's Heart

Weekenders Romance Watch

Azure's Heart
Author: Mickie Sherwood
Genre: African-American Romance
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More than a year after becoming a loving couple, one phone call threatens Azure and Frank's relationship on the eve of their Valentine's Day wedding.

Frank clams up due to a health concern, keeps it secret, and distances himself from Azure. His bride-to-be deserves better than an ailing husband.

Azure feels the sting of Frank's rejection. No matter how hard she tries, she can't breakthrough his wall of silence. To her, his failure to communicate means one thing. He's called off the wedding.

Will Cupid's arrow strike a nerve? Or—will love conquer all in time for their Valentine's Day vows?


Valentine's Day Eve…
New Orleans' frosty midday air didn't affect Azure one bit. And her snug-fit jeans, sweater, and short jacket had little to do with the warmth she felt. She strolled with Frank through the French Quarter. The clutch he had on her hand heated her all over. Even though heels gave her five-foot-six inches a boost, she still had to look up into his dark, brown eyes.
He looked at her, his jovial attitude on display. "You're so easy to love, Azure."
Her heart thumped with delight. Here they were, at the caterer's door, a day before their Valentine's Day wedding, ready to confirm the cake choice for their intimate reception. "Let me hear you say the words."
"I…love…you." He leaned down toward her.
His smooth baritone voice wrapped her like silk. Her erratic heartbeat intensified. She trembled when he kissed the soft spot under her ear. "I love you, too, Frank. Imagine where I'd be if you hadn't followed your instincts that night. I might have died in the trunk of my car."
"Either the cosmos had aligned or PlayDate dating service possessed supernatural powers."
"I know."
"When your apparition appeared—" He stopped talking. "I don't want to think about that."
"You found me. That's what matters." Azure resituated her teal-colored, knit beret, fingering shoulder length, chestnut strands of hair from her mouth.
    Feathery wisps of air touched her skin. She scrunched her shoulder, lengthening the time he snuggled her there. His lips transferred to the tip of her nose. Then, his mind-blowing kiss surpassed her expectations.


Friday, August 19, 2016

The Lady Is a Mayor

Weekenders Romance Watch

The Lady Is a Mayor
Author: Fran Thomas
Genre: Mainstream Romance
Buy: Amazon

Protesters, clashing viewpoints, economic crisis. No, not the presidential campaign. Here's a lighter look at political goings on in a sort-of fictional small town. When the mayor of Calusa flees town in the middle of the night, Geneva Price finds herself in charge and trying to hold it all together. Seth Connor, a swoon-worthy hotel developer (with good hair), might be the answer to her prayers, in more ways than one. But first she has to arrange a truce between the ecologists and the economists. Just a typical day in Florida.

Enchanting Excerpt:
Geneva rose and beckoned to Seth.

“We have a special guest this morning. I’d like to introduce Seth Connor who has an exciting idea to tell us about.”

Seth’s hazel eyes scanned the room until the latest round of whispers had subsided.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he began. “How would you like to see a stylish new hotel in Calusa?”

General pandemonium struck.

“We don’t need a new hotel.”

“That would give my grandkids a place to stay besides with me when they come to visit.”

“You’ll destroy the peace and quiet.”

“It’s too peaceful here anyway.”

“Now we’ll never get the bike path finished.”

Geneva searched the table for something to bang to regain control. Patsy passed a gavel over her shoulder. “Here, try this.”

Geneva tapped softly at first, then with increasing vigor until people took notice and their seats once more. Meanwhile, Seth looked mystified at the outburst.

“Let’s hear the man out before we start to debate,” Geneva said, briskly nodding to Seth to continue.

“My company, Connor Development, plans to build a five story hotel of more than one hundred thousand square feet.”

Additional pandemonium ensued only slightly less vociferous than before.

“Where do you plan to put a building that size, young feller?”

“This town is no place for a blasted skyscraper.”

“Civilization was bound to catch up with us sooner or later.”

“All those tourists’ll bring a lot of cash to town.”

“All those tourists’ll need recreation like a bike path’d give ‘em.”

Geneva banged her gavel again. By the time Seth finished his presentation fifteen minutes later, he’d been interrupted two more times. After he gathered his papers and sat down, Geneva looked at her fellow council members.

“Anything else we need to discuss this morning?”

“I’m all discussed out,” Lou said. “I move we adjourn until nine tomorrow morning for a closed session to review Seth’s proposal.”

“I second,” Doc said.

“Meeting adjourned,” Geneva said with one last tap of her gavel.



Friday, July 1, 2016

At the Mercy of Her Pleasure

Weekenders Romance Watch

At the Mercy of Her Pleasure
Author: Kayelle Allen
Mainstream Romance

Amazon | B&N | Print

Hired to steal back a prototype taken by the imperial armada, Senth Antonello retrieves it, but his brother is kidnapped to force Senth to surrender the device.

Now he has to rescue his brother, outsmart the armada, and keep the item out of imperial hands. All doable, except for one small problem. He must do it in the company of NarrAy Jorlan, a genetically altered woman whose pheromones could enhance the mission or crumble it into dust with a single siren kiss.

He's a thief. She's a soldier. Do opposites attract? Oh, mercy!

Enchanting Excerpt:
In this scene, NarrAy discovers Senth locked inside a robotic suitcase, and helps him out. She cannot imagine how he got locked in, and is certain someone tried to kill him. She hasn't realized yet how crazy Senth gets when bored.

NarrAy helped Senth to the bed. "Who did this to you? What happened? I'm calling security."

"No!" He clutched her arm. "NarrAy. Sorry." He gasped for breath. "My fault."

"What happened?" She picked up a booklet from the desk and used it to fan him. "Are you all right?"

He grunted and turned on his side, doubled over.

"I'm calling sick bay. You --"

"No! NarrAy." He shook his head and took a deeper breath. "My fault. I was trying...test. See if...if..." He tightened his grip on her arm as he looked away from her. "So stupid."

"I don't understand, Senth. What happened?"

"I was bored, so I…" He pushed his face against the bed, avoiding her gaze. "I break into bagbots all the time. I thought I'd try breaking out of one."

"You did what?" She sank to the floor beside the bed at eye level with him. "Senth, you could've been killed!"

"Once the doors closed, the bot kept trying to compact itself."

All at once she glimpsed the future she'd have with Senth if she pursued him. Her wild missions paled compared to the thought of a life full of stunts like this one. Finding him locked inside some bagbot or cabinet or safe. Having him risk his freedom for the sake of a few rare coins or an old locket like the one he'd stolen for her. Thievery commonplace in her life? Her parents would never, ever approve.

Which was why she had to give that future a chance.